Denton Council to Vote on Proposed Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

Plant Would Use as Much Gas as Is Produced by 58 Mature Fracked Wells

Denton Municipal Electric’s goal of getting 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2019 is great, but it shouldn’t be paired with building more natural gas-fired power plants.

Not only is natural gas polluting, it also can drive up electric bills when natural gas prices increase. Given that facilities are being built to export natural gas to places like Europe, where prices are much higher, we can expect prices to increase.

Wind and solar offer affordable energy at fixed prices because they have no fuel costs. These clean, renewable energy sources are the solution to climate change, local air pollution and water conservation.

Denton Municipal Electric’s own analysis shows that 100 percent renewable energy is an option and that it would result in significantly lower costs than its current energy mix offers.

Ask the Denton City Council to Reject the Natural Gas Power Plant

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