Make Solar Energy a Priority for the Sun City

The City of El Paso is Negotiating Rates with El Paso Electric

El Paso Electric has proposed new rates that are now being negotiated with the city of El Paso. Many issues must be agreed upon, and no party is likely to get everything they want. But one thing the city shouldn’t let the utility win on is its proposed anti-solar rates. The rates proposed by El Paso Electric would essentially end the use of solar power at customers’ homes, just as the technology has become affordable.

Solar energy is now being used in homes and businesses across the country to keep bills low. Use of this technology is finally picking up in El Paso — which has more solar resources than almost anywhere else in the United States. El Paso residents can benefit from reduced electric bills and from new jobs being created by the local solar industry.

Don’t let El Paso Electric kill solar for the Sun City.

Email the City Council and City Manager to Make Sure Solar is a Priority in Negotiations with the Utility