Ask the Austin City Council to Expand Local Solar Goals

Keep Local Green Jobs Growing and Make Electric Bills Affordable

More people than ever are going solar in Austin. Prices have come down and solar is an affordable option to help homeowners and businesses save on their electric bills.

That's great, but we can do even more. Solar should be available to renters and low-income residents too. Austin Energy should offer customers an option to pay for solar installations over time on your bill (on-bill financing) - something the electric utility to the west of Austin recently started doing. And we need solar solutions for apartment buildings and condos.

One of the big reasons that Austin has a vibrant local solar economy is because of the successful programs that Austin Energy has created. The utility creates programs to meet goals that the Austin City Council sets. That's why we're asking the City Council to increase the local solar goal to 200 megawatts by 2020, with 140 megawatts being customer-sited solar installations. This will allow thousands of residential customers and hundreds of businesses to go solar. The current goal of 110 megawatts of local solar by 2020, with 70 megawatts of customer-sited solar, likely will be met in the next couple of years, which would mean an end to Austin Energy's programs to support solar.

Making it possible for more Austinites to go solar will benefit affordability both by reducing bills for customers and by growing more good-paying jobs in the local industry. And it will help us meet our climate goals and reduce water use for producing electricity.

Email the City Council to Support Local Solar