Thank You for Emailing the Key Councilmembers Blocking Progress on Fair Elections in D.C.

Now Amplify Your Voice

Please take a moment to call Councilmembers Anita Bonds, Jack Evans, LaRuby May and Vincent Orange and urge them to change their positions on the Citizens Fair Election Act today.

Councilmember Anita Bonds: (202) 724-8064

Councilmember Jack Evans: (202) 724-8058

Councilmember LaRuby May: (202) 724-8045

Councilmember Vincent Orange: (202) 724-8174

Use the Script Below, but Feel Free to Put the Message in Your Own Words!

  • I am calling because I am disappointed that [Councilmember ___] opposes the very popular Citizens Fair Election Act, and encourage [him/her] to get on board with people-centered elections today.
  • Small donor empowerment programs have seen great success from New York City to Santa Fe in making everyday people the focus of elections, not just big check writers and outside special interests.
  • A City Paper poll showed that 80% of District residents support public financing of elections, and over 60 local organizations are advocating for the D.C. Fair Elections system, from D.C. Working Families and D.C. Sierra Club to D.C. Fair Budget Coalition and beyond.
  • I urge [Councilmember ___] to change [his/her] position on the Citizens Fair Election Act and help advance a system that will build power for D.C. residents.

Let Us Know How Your Call Went