Email Your Senators: Demand a Hearing on the Revolving Door

This week, Public Citizen activists from across the country are meeting with their lawmakers to demand the end of the revolving door that incentivizes bankers to take rulemaking roles in government.

When Big Bank executives leave their positions to take high-level jobs in government agencies that regulate the banks, their Wall Street bosses can hand them a hefty bonus on their way out. And when they’re done stacking the deck in favor of their former employers, they can head back to Wall Street to cash in again.

We must remind our lawmakers that bankers who caused the last financial crisis should not be charged with protecting us from the next.

The Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act would give Americans peace of mind that our banking regulators represent the public, not their former bosses on Wall Street.

Email Your Senators to Demand a Hearing on the Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act