Denton Council Poised to Approve New Pollution Sources in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Ask the City Council to Choose Clean Energy Instead of Natural Gas

The Denton City Council is poised to approve the construction of 12 natural gas-fired power generators that would contribute more air pollution to the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area.

Several of these generators would be placed near the Denton airport. The air monitor at the airport consistently shows this to be the site of the worst air quality in the region. Adding more air pollution to that area will make it even more difficult for the DFW area to comply with air quality standards — which are set to protect public health.

Denton has other clean and affordable options to meet its energy needs. The City Council needs to know that not only Denton residents oppose its plan, but so do other DFW area residents. Air pollution doesn’t stop at city lines.

Email the Denton City Council