Say You’re In for Fair Elections Howard

Across Maryland, corporate and mega-donor money has way too much influence in our elections — affecting who can run for office, the issues that are debated, who wins, and ultimately, the public policy made.

Fair Elections Howard — an innovative program to empower everyday donors — would put We the People back in charge.

Montgomery County has already created a similar program — and it represents a real commitment to amplifying the voices of small donors in county politics and diluting the influence of wealthy special interests.

Howard County could be the next to lead the way!

Add Your Name to the Petition In Support of Fair Elections Howard

I’m in for Fair Elections Howard! I support empowering We The People in Howard County elections, not big money.

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44 2.3 years ago Lee White
43 2.3 years ago bryan Walsh
42 2.3 years ago Elizabeth Bryson
41 2.4 years ago Pam Roman
40 2.4 years ago Jacqueline Wasilewski
39 2.4 years ago Jacqueline Wasilewski
38 2.4 years ago Albert Whiting
37 2.4 years ago May Ruth Seidel
36 2.4 years ago Niyati honekess dye to MD corrup J
35 2.4 years ago Randy Murbach
34 2.4 years ago Elizabeth Lyons
33 2.4 years ago Courtney
32 2.4 years ago Rebecca J Kahn Kahn
31 2.4 years ago Phyllis Zolotorow
30 2.4 years ago Ray Donaldson
29 2.4 years ago Evelyn Senesman
28 2.4 years ago Kipyn Martin
27 2.4 years ago Hannah Sard
26 2.4 years ago Chiara D'Amore
25 2.4 years ago Steven Bradtke
24 2.4 years ago Ann Frankowski
23 2.4 years ago Lex Smith
22 2.4 years ago JACK GEGNER
21 2.4 years ago Jody Schulman
20 2.4 years ago David Seldin
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