Thank You For Taking Action

Now Go the Extra Mile by Calling Your Representative

Don’t worry — you won’t have to get into a debate to register your opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Making this call is quick and easy.

Here’s what to do:

1. Call the Stop The TPP Action Line at 1-888-659-7351. You will be prompted to enter you zip code and then you’ll be connected to your representative’s office.

2. Ask to speak with the chief of staff. You will probably be asked to leave a message on the chief’s voice mail. Those messages have dramatic impact!

3. When you speak with a staffer or go to voicemail, you can use this script to help shape your thoughts, but leaving a message in your own words is best:

  • I am constituent calling to urge my representative to oppose the corporate-driven TPP.
  • Please tell the representative to oppose the TPP now, in the lame-duck session, and forever!
  • The majority of House Democrats and a sizable bloc of Republicans oppose the deal. Both presidential nominees oppose the TPP. Opposition to the TPP is one of the few issues that unite Democrats, Republicans and Independents, polling shows. Leading against the TPP is good policy and good politics.”

4. Let us know how your call went! Leave a comment below to tell us what happened.

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