Stop the Shutdown

Every year, Congress must pass a series of appropriations bills that fund our government for the year ahead. Funding for the current fiscal year runs out at midnight on September 30. If lawmakers fail to act before then, our government will shut down until funding is restored.

Conservative lawmakers are trying to attach hundreds of harmful ideological policy riders to appropriations bills. Most of these riders are little more than sweetheart deals for big corporations and special favors for ideological extremists. They have nothing to do with funding our government and could not become law on their own merits.

Some would roll back Wall Street reforms. Some would block clean air and clean water protections. Others would attack women’s health care and fundamental civil rights. What these measures have in common is that they all harm American workers, consumers and families.

Americans deserve an open and honest debate about government funding levels, but that’s not what we’re getting.

Poison pill policy riders have no place in federal funding legislation. Members of Congress need to do their jobs and stop playing games with the appropriations process. That means passing a short-term continuing resolution in September to avoid a shutdown, finish the appropriations process before the end of the year, and reject the harmful riders.

Email Your Senators Today Demanding a Clean Budget.

Below is template language to build from, but we encourage you to add your own thoughts about why this change is needed.