It’s Time for a San Antonio Climate Action Plan

San Antonio City Officials Should Start an Open Process to Set Local Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

Cities have an important role to play in combating the global climate crisis. And reducing greenhouse gas emissions will have many other benefits — including improving the local air quality.

Developing a climate action plan is crucial.

Determining the current level of greenhouse gases coming from your city, setting goals for reducing — or even eliminating — those emissions and, ultimately, developing specific action items that will lead to greenhouse gas reductions can make a very real impact.

Once such a climate action plan is developed, the focus will turn to implementing those action items.

Throughout every step of this process, public involvement is critical. Your ideas, your life experiences and your vision for what a sustainable community should look like can help San Antonio craft the strong climate action plan we need.

Help us push San Antonio city officials to get serious about developing a climate action plan alongside San Antonio residents like you.

Sign the Petition in Support of Developing a San Antonio Climate Action Plan

I call on the City of San Antonio to develop a Climate Action Plan that sets clear goals for reducing citywide greenhouse gas emissions in every sector and establishes specific action items that will make meeting those goals possible. Public participation should drive the development of the plan, and goals should be set based on the scientific consensus on climate change. Co-benefits — such as reduced local air pollution — should be identified in the plan. Climate change is a global problem, but cities — especially large cities like San Antonio — can be a significant part of the solution. We are already feeling the effects of climate change, so the time to act is now.