Reject Unlawful Lethal Waste Dump

Tell the NRC to Throw Out Premature Radioactive Waste Proposal

Add Your Name to Stop this Illegitimate and Wasteful Storage Scheme

As a concerned citizen, I urge you to cease consideration of a private consolidated waste storage facility in Texas. Consideration of this illegitimate application is premature, unlawful and a waste of taxpayer money.

Current federal law does not permit the government to take responsibility for lethal spent fuel until a permanent repository is established.

Moreover, moving forward with this proposal would undercut current federal efforts to develop a new approach to toxic waste storage and disposal that seeks state and community consent.

Lastly, the agency has determined that nuclear waste can be stored safely onsite for up to 30 years past a reactor’s operating license until its eventual transport to a permanent repository.

Rather than waste any more time on this proposed consolidated storage facility, the agency should focus its efforts on safeguarding spent fuel onsite.

Thank you for your consideration.