Plan or Attend a Local Organizing Meeting to Beat Back the Trump Agenda

In the aftermath of November 8th, it has never been more important for us to come together — to oppose oppression, expose corruption and demand democracy.

The community meetings being organized are about gathering our forces at the local level — but at a national scale. We are calling on you to step up, host or join a meeting and speak out.

The meetings will feature speakers from our national movement to save democracy, highlight ways we can all act to protect the communities being targeted by the Trump agenda and crucially will provide space for attendees to organize locally and hold the Trump administration accountable for corruption every step of the way.

If you’ve never attended or planned a community meeting before, that’s OK. This new political terrain is giving rise to a new population of activists who know now is the time to step up.

RSVP to Attend or Host an Organizing Meeting to Oppose Oppression, Expose Corruption and Demand Democracy in the Trump Era

No Prior Experience Necessary