Be Ready to Fight Bad Texas Legislation

The Texas Legislature is in session for only five months every two years. But that’s plenty of time to do significant damage to our communities and our state.

Last session, lawmakers banned local governments from regulating oil and gas activities — not just a ban on fracking bans, but a ban on any regulations that would in any way restrict extraction activities. Want to put a fracking well next to a nursing home or in the middle of a residential neighborhood? No problem!

Our local governments have been picking up the slack in many areas where the state doesn’t do what’s right for the people of Texas. State lawmakers see that as a threat and will continue to chip away at local control wherever they can.

As the attacks on our environment and our communities come, we’ll need people power to fight back. We’ll need people to send emails, make calls and write letters to the editor. Sometimes we’ll ask for volunteers to visit local offices of state senators and representatives. And we’ll let you know when there are key public hearings at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

You don’t have to do it all — just participate when and how you can.

Be Ready to Fight Back — Commit to Take Action