Stop Radioactive Waste From Coming Through Bexar County

A private company, Waste Control Specialists (WCS), wants to store high-level radioactive waste in Andrews County in west Texas. If allowed, radioactive waste (spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants) would be shipped from around the country to the storage site. Trucks and trains with this deadly cargo would be passing through our communities — most likely including Bexar County — for 20 years.

Texans will be stuck with dangerous radioactive waste from around the country, with nothing to show for it. WCS would profit while Texas communities, including those in Bexar County, would face the risk of a train derailment or a terrorist attack.

There’s also a concern about potential contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer at the proposed storage site.

Email Bexar County Judge Wolff and the County Commissioners to Oppose Radioactive Waste Shipments