Support These Bills That Protect Your Legal Rights

Six bills in Congress would go a long way to curbing the rip-off clauses in the fine print of many contracts.

These bills deal with forced arbitration, which limits your rights if you are ripped off or harmed by a corporation. Instead of being randomly assigned a judge in a public court, the corporation gets to pick the firm that will decide your dispute.

The person deciding the case isn’t even required to have a legal background or consider the rule of law.

Here’s a rundown of the bills:

  • The Arbitration Fairness Act ends pre-dispute forced arbitration in consumer, employment, civil rights and antitrust cases.
  • The Court Legal Access and Student Support (CLASS) Act stops for-profit colleges that get federal student aid funding from using forced arbitration.
  • The Justice for Servicemembers Act protects veterans who have issues with their civilian employers from being forced into arbitration.
  • The Justice for Victims of Fraud Act closes the “Wells Fargo loophole” by ending forced arbitration for checking and credit card accounts opened without a customer’s consent.
  • The Mandatory Arbitration Transparency Act stops corporations from using hush clauses and forced arbitration to sweep issues under the rug.
  • The Restoring Statutory Rights and Interests of the States Act stops forced arbitration from trumping civil rights claims.

Corporations already have a lot of advantages when it comes to the law. If passed, these bills would help shift the balance of power back a bit toward consumers.

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We, the undersigned, urge Congress to pass these bills that will help restore and preserve consumers’ legal rights.