Tell the EPA What You Think of Its Deal With BP

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Last week, the EPA reached an agreement with BP that lifts the corporation’s suspension from acquiring new oil drilling leases and other lucrative federal contracts.

The president of BP America called the deal “fair and reasonable” — it is anything but!

Sign Your Name Below to Oppose the Unjust BP Deal

And then use the comment space to add your own words to describe the deal.

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Number Date Name What do you think of BP's ...
3364 3.6 years ago Ellen Fox
3363 3.6 years ago Marjorie Hawkes
3362 3.6 years ago Anonymous I am completely opposed to BP being allowed to have any new leases. They ruined my health and my life! This deal is not fair and reasonable! Their carelessness has been proven. We need to consid...
3361 3.6 years ago Heather Hess Although they have paid their fines and helped clean up, the damage done is there and always will be.
3360 3.6 years ago Anonymous BP has destroyed enough,already!! It's time to just say no more!!
3359 3.6 years ago Anonymous IF corporations are now people, how does one lethally inject this loser?
3358 3.6 years ago vendaval mills Have they been to trial on 11 dead men yet? Cutting corners on the drilling equipment led to the blowout - have the waters been cleaned yet? Have the shrimp/oysters recovered yet? Are the tarballs ...
3357 3.6 years ago Deanna Oganesian BP has not been held accountable nearly enough for all of the damage it has done to our planet Earth. Allowing them to acquire new oil drilling leases is a cruel disservice to Earth and every creatu...
3356 3.6 years ago Vivian Birdwell BP has raped the coastline of the US long enough! It's time to take you oil drilling off the board and try some renewable energy, instead of drilling in the ocean so you can spill more oil in our pr...
3355 3.6 years ago Hyta Mederer
3354 3.6 years ago Buffi Young
3353 3.6 years ago Erika Biddle Ruling for Corporate interest before human interest shows that the EPA is just adding to our environmental crisis and fails in it's mission to protect the environment.
3352 3.6 years ago Craig Furniss BP Should never be able to drill again period.
3351 3.6 years ago Ted Orr
3350 3.6 years ago Valerie Friedman
3349 3.6 years ago Gail McGlone
3348 3.6 years ago Allysa Aaron Once again The Environmental NON protection Agency favors big business over the environment!
3347 3.6 years ago Lisa FRANZEN So very unfair to our environment!
3346 3.6 years ago Patricia McDonald
3345 3.6 years ago Terry Crossland No Deal!!! BP has still not properly cleaned up from the disaster! Nor have they properly compensated for losses and for the cost of a proper and complete clean up! If BP is allowed to operate and ...
3344 3.6 years ago Anonymous Didn't the government learn anything from the Deep Water Horizon disaster???? BP doesn't know how to clean up without poisoning the environment-didn't do it in Alaska with the Valdez or the Gulf Co...
3343 3.6 years ago Karen Kinsman Corporate Criminals aided & abetted by Corporate Congress + Supreme Courtesan 5
3342 3.6 years ago Karen Kinsman Corporate Criminals aided & abetted by Corporate Congress + Supreme Courtesan 5
3341 3.6 years ago Keith Fabing
3340 3.6 years ago Carol Sawyers
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