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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s flagship creation was founded five years ago.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and its director, Richard Cordray, have been working overtime ever since to protect Main Street consumers.

Here are just a few of its achievements, thanks to activists like you:

  • Returned $11.7 billion to 27 million Americans who were ripped off by corporations.
  • Responded to nearly one million consumer complaints about the financial services sector.
  • Rolled out new rules to restore consumers’ right to join together against abusive corporate tactics and rein in predatory payday lenders.

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Happy Birthday! On behalf of Americans everywhere, I'm writing to congratulate you on five years of a job well done. Predatory lenders have been protected for too long and it’s time the government stood up to protect those on Main Street. Here’s to many more years of considering the well being of consumers.

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3315 2.7 years ago Solomon (S0l) Fingold Best wishes for many years of a healthy, happy and creative life.

Sol Fingold
3314 2.7 years ago Eric Many happy returns!
3313 2.7 years ago Susan Edelstein
3312 2.7 years ago Abigail Lang
3311 2.7 years ago William
3310 2.7 years ago Hans Sievers Great Job
3309 2.7 years ago Jackie
3308 2.7 years ago Steven Vogel Keep up the good work!
3307 2.7 years ago Ruth
3306 2.7 years ago Norman Dupont
3305 2.7 years ago Jody Walters
3304 2.7 years ago Carol Devine We need this more than ever. Thank you for all you do.
3303 2.7 years ago Lizbeth Keep up the good work that keeps the corporate vampires looking over their shoulders!
3302 2.7 years ago Anna Kramer
3301 2.7 years ago kathy Very impressive accomplishments! The need is there and you deserve much credit. Keep up the great work...hopefully your role will be expanded to the many other areas where consumers are ripped off...
3300 2.7 years ago Charles Keep up the good work and keep on looking for the new tricks that the bad guys develop.
3299 2.7 years ago Matt Myers
3298 2.7 years ago Paula Sneddon
3297 2.7 years ago Wilhelm Tomaschik
3296 2.7 years ago Karin Hemmingsen
3295 2.7 years ago Jan Thank you
3294 2.7 years ago EUGENE SHERIDAN
3293 2.7 years ago Daniel Jones
3292 2.7 years ago Corinna
3291 2.7 years ago Cory
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