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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s flagship creation was founded five years ago.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and its director, Richard Cordray, have been working overtime ever since to protect Main Street consumers.

Here are just a few of its achievements, thanks to activists like you:

  • Returned $11.7 billion to 27 million Americans who were ripped off by corporations.
  • Responded to nearly one million consumer complaints about the financial services sector.
  • Rolled out new rules to restore consumers’ right to join together against abusive corporate tactics and rein in predatory payday lenders.

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Happy Birthday! On behalf of Americans everywhere, I'm writing to congratulate you on five years of a job well done. Predatory lenders have been protected for too long and it’s time the government stood up to protect those on Main Street. Here’s to many more years of considering the well being of consumers.

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3415 1 year ago Hazel Poolos
3414 1 year ago Sam
3413 1 year ago Peter Pileggi
3412 1 year ago Laurent Ross
3411 1 year ago Franklin
3410 1 year ago Trevor Robinson
3409 1 year ago Ibrahim
3408 1 year ago William
3407 1 year ago Mary Romero
3406 1 year ago Douglas
3405 1 year ago Jae
3404 1 year ago pamela
3403 1 year ago Brianna Onken
3402 1 year ago Mary Lou OConnell
3401 1 year ago James
3400 1 year ago Margaret Goodman Thank you for giving me three weeks to pay my credit card bills!
3399 1 year ago Gina Sheridan
3398 1 year ago Erica Himes
3397 1 year ago Carolyn Thanks for reining in the greedy bankers and investment manipulators.

Please institute a tax on investment trading or find some other way to prevent profiteering on the misfortunes of other...
3396 1 year ago John A BIG, SINCERE THANK YOU for your many efforts to protect people from scams, rip-offs and the excesses of Big Business and Wall Street. I wish you could be cloned to repopulate our Congress. Kudos...
3395 1 year ago paul moe
3394 1 year ago Sigrid Asmus Finally an effective bureau that fights for the consumer!
3393 1 year ago Karen Osmundson Yes! Thank you
3392 1 year ago Catherine Bowerman
3391 1 year ago Martin Thanks for the Great work
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