Demand Congressional Action on Climate Disruption

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Climate disruption is devastating parts of our country, yet 182 members of Congress still deny human-made climate disruption.

This is an outrage.

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We, the undersigned, call on congressional climate deniers to act on climate. Climate disruption is already devastating the United States. Unprecedented climate events are killing and displacing our citizens and causing billions in damages. In the face of grave warnings from the international scientific community and the destruction before your own eyes, it is criminal to continue blocking efforts to address the climate crisis. Act now.

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8881 1 year ago Anthony Wilks
8880 1 year ago Susan Kilgore
8879 1 year ago Edith Frank
8878 1 year ago Barbara Sneath
8877 1 year ago Kimberly Leeper
8876 1 year ago Cheri Stephenson
8875 1 year ago Terry Campbell
8874 1 year ago Lynda Dobens
8873 1 year ago Kathy Shaffer
8872 1 year ago Luis Alfredo Cartagena
8871 1 year ago Andrew Witthaus
8870 1 year ago Zachariah Huey
8869 1 year ago Nina David
8868 1 year ago Edward Kosberg
8867 1 year ago Paula Chester
8866 1 year ago Patricia Denton
8865 1 year ago Margaret McCourt
8864 1 year ago Twyla Thomas
8863 1 year ago Michael
8862 1 year ago Ben King
8861 1 year ago Florence Boyd
8860 1 year ago Matthew DeMars
8859 1 year ago Duane Preble
8858 1 year ago Victor Zielinski
8857 1 year ago Christine Tindall
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