Demand Congressional Action on Climate Disruption

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Climate disruption is devastating parts of our country, yet 182 members of Congress still deny human-made climate disruption.

This is an outrage.

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We, the undersigned, call on congressional climate deniers to act on climate. Climate disruption is already devastating the United States. Unprecedented climate events are killing and displacing our citizens and causing billions in damages. In the face of grave warnings from the international scientific community and the destruction before your own eyes, it is criminal to continue blocking efforts to address the climate crisis. Act now.

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8856 1 year ago Timothy Shields
8855 1 year ago Rachel Hutcheson
8854 1 year ago Iris Meltzer
8853 1 year ago Davey Ann McEvers
8852 1 year ago BJ S0lberg
8851 1 year ago Melissa McTague
8850 1 year ago Joan Paskewitz
8849 1 year ago Lou Baxter
8848 1 year ago Julia Schebach
8847 1 year ago Christine Stephens
8846 1 year ago Lauren Davy
8845 1 year ago Eddy Schoolmeesters
8844 1 year ago Allistair Jones
8843 1 year ago Cheryl Cook
8842 1 year ago Laura Mcmullen
8841 1 year ago Barbara Morkill
8840 1 year ago Paula Bradley
8839 1 year ago David and Ann Cordero
8838 1 year ago Martin Carmody
8837 1 year ago Kristina Norman
8836 1 year ago Amanda Melrood
8835 1 year ago Lynn Camhi
8834 1 year ago Katherine Brown
8833 1 year ago Wanda Sheaffer
8832 1 year ago Rick Nylander
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