Demand Congressional Action on Climate Disruption

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Climate disruption is devastating parts of our country, yet 182 members of Congress still deny human-made climate disruption.

This is an outrage.

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We, the undersigned, call on congressional climate deniers to act on climate. Climate disruption is already devastating the United States. Unprecedented climate events are killing and displacing our citizens and causing billions in damages. In the face of grave warnings from the international scientific community and the destruction before your own eyes, it is criminal to continue blocking efforts to address the climate crisis. Act now.

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9006 1 year ago Caitlin Henderson
9005 1 year ago elizabeth ketz-robinson
9004 1 year ago elizabeth ketz-robinson
9003 1 year ago jackie
9002 1 year ago kathy Smith
9001 1 year ago Tiana
9000 1 year ago PC Ludi
8999 1 year ago Richard Robinson
8998 1 year ago Phyllis Flynn
8997 1 year ago Jeanne Mackay
8996 1 year ago Tom Canning
8995 1 year ago William Shirey
8994 1 year ago mark novotny
8993 1 year ago Elissa Rogovin
8992 1 year ago h drda
8991 1 year ago Pamela Cramer
8990 1 year ago Steve Barrison
8989 1 year ago Matthew Maras
8988 1 year ago Donye Sacco
8987 1 year ago Bette Feltham
8986 1 year ago Bette Feltham
8985 1 year ago Robert Albert
8984 2 years ago Frances Hoenigswald
8983 2 years ago Elizabeth Lutes
8982 2 years ago JoAnn Loomis
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