Demand Congressional Action on Climate Disruption

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Climate disruption is devastating parts of our country, yet 182 members of Congress still deny human-made climate disruption.

This is an outrage.

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We, the undersigned, call on congressional climate deniers to act on climate. Climate disruption is already devastating the United States. Unprecedented climate events are killing and displacing our citizens and causing billions in damages. In the face of grave warnings from the international scientific community and the destruction before your own eyes, it is criminal to continue blocking efforts to address the climate crisis. Act now.

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8956 1 year ago Anton Porcz
8955 1 year ago michael boshears
8954 1 year ago Joanne Hesselink
8953 1 year ago Gordon Turner
8952 1 year ago Gary Kaake
8951 1 year ago Salvatore Privitera
8950 1 year ago Kristin Erman
8949 1 year ago Wendy Shuman
8948 1 year ago Vince L
8947 1 year ago V F
8946 1 year ago C. M. P
8945 1 year ago Marianne Carlin
8944 1 year ago Gerald Nadreau
8943 1 year ago Vince L
8942 1 year ago Judith Eda
8941 1 year ago Marian Wojtowicz
8940 1 year ago Brian Bushey
8939 1 year ago Lynne Teplin
8938 1 year ago Brent Catherman
8937 1 year ago Mary Lincoln
8936 1 year ago Jennifer Quick
8935 1 year ago Stephen Voughlan
8934 1 year ago Joe Landwehr
8933 1 year ago Mary Decker
8932 1 year ago Dick Barshow
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