Say You’re In for Chicago Fair Elections

Across Illinois, corporate and mega-donor money has way too much influence in our elections — affecting who can run for office, the issues that are debated, who wins, and ultimately, the public policy made.

Chicago Fair Elections — an innovative program to empower everyday donors — would put We the People back in charge.

New York City has already created a similar program — and it represents a real commitment to amplifying the voices of small donors in city politics and diluting the influence of wealthy special interests.

Chicago could be the next to lead the way!

Add Your Name to the Petition In Support of Chicago Fair Elections

I’m in for Chicago Fair Elections! I support empowering We The People in Chicago elections, not big money.

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46 2 years ago Rachel Goldstein
45 2 years ago Maureen Kennedy
44 2 years ago RON FRITZ
43 2 years ago Aldo Mysek
42 2 years ago Eric Sullivan
41 2 years ago Anne Haggerty
40 2 years ago Ellen Domke
39 2 years ago Keith Ortman
38 2 years ago Soomi Chun-Derradji
37 2 years ago Adele Gleason
36 2 years ago Christopher T. Mizera
35 2 years ago Michelle Jung Janus
34 2 years ago Bruce Gordon
33 2 years ago Aaron Lawee
32 2 years ago Chris Law
31 2 years ago Deidra Whitaker-Clay
30 2 years ago Jana Winch
29 2 years ago George Milkowski
28 2 years ago Daniel Burnfin
27 2 years ago Catherine Christeller
26 2 years ago Michael Parrish
25 2 years ago Sergio Rivera
24 2 years ago Steven Serikaku
23 2 years ago Maria Gonzalez
22 2 years ago Fred Kinsey
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