Say You Want California to Vote to Overturn Citizens United this November

The U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates for big money to pour into our politics like never before.

This November, California can help save democracy from billionaire and Big Business takeover by voting “Yes” on Prop 59 — a ballot measure calling on Congress to pass, and the California Legislature to ratify, a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United.

A victory on Prop 59 will send a resounding message that the people of California have had it with Citizens United. And it will raise the national profile of our ever-growing movement to take back our democracy.

Add Your Name to the Petition in Support of California Prop 59 — “The Overturn Citizens United Act”

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989 1 year ago Aimee Wyatt
988 1 year ago Laurie Alper
987 1 year ago Lois Shubert
986 1 year ago Karl Twombly
985 1 year ago Lee Smith
984 1 year ago Eliot Tigerlily
983 1 year ago Gernot Trolf
982 1 year ago Dana Weikel
981 1 year ago Cici Campbell
980 1 year ago A C
979 1 year ago Gary Richmond
978 1 year ago Blanca Jimenez
977 1 year ago Yvonne Quilenderino
976 1 year ago Mark Edgren
975 1 year ago Nima Bigdely Shamlo
974 1 year ago Scott Rubel
973 1 year ago Candace Rocha
972 1 year ago Eileen Bill
971 1 year ago Casey Holtz
970 1 year ago Greg Whitworth
969 1 year ago Greg and Laurie Schwaller
968 1 year ago James Alexander
967 1 year ago Joy Massa
966 1 year ago Zorine Rinaldi
965 1 year ago Julie Spickler
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