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Roger Ailes’ recent ouster from Fox News is an opportunity for the media outlet to drop climate denial agenda.

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We, the undersigned, call on Fox News leadership to ensure that news staff report accurately on climate change and provide an amount of coverage commensurate with its importance, and that commentators, while entitled to their views on matters of opinion, do not misrepresent the facts on scientific questions.

With the change in leadership at Fox News, the problem of the network’s climate coverage has become an opportunity: require the network to change course and ensure both accurate reporting and adequate airtime on climate change. That single action could make a momentous difference in the ability of the United States and the world to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

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8908 1 year ago E Wheeler
8907 1 year ago Robert Buitron
8906 1 year ago peter kirkpatrick
8905 1 year ago Marileta Robinson
8904 1 year ago Patrick Twomey
8903 1 year ago Evelio Pina
8902 1 year ago Corinne Monk
8901 1 year ago Richard Lentz
8900 1 year ago Frank Friedman
8899 1 year ago David Alverson
8898 1 year ago Debra Ames
8897 1 year ago Barbara Lipiew
8896 1 year ago Deborah S Boyd
8895 1 year ago Jeremy Karsh
8894 1 year ago Kenneth Piers
8893 1 year ago Arthur
8892 1 year ago Karen Gatz
8891 1 year ago Norma Riley
8890 1 year ago Hannah Knowles
8889 1 year ago Rick and Kathy Spalding
8888 1 year ago John Walenta
8887 1 year ago Roger Shamel
8886 1 year ago Ted Storck
8885 1 year ago Christopher Monroe
8884 1 year ago James
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