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Sign Up to Gather Petition Signatures on Election Day to Overturn Citizens United and Stop the Corporate Takeover

Election day is the best possible day to meet politically engaged people who need be part of this movement we are building together.

By signing up to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United at your polling place, YOU will help bring more people into our movement who can stand up and join our fight to fix a democracy that no longer functions as such.

Resources to support your petitioning are available here.

Add Your Name to Gather Petition Signatures for a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United on Election Day

101-125 of 1669 signatures
Number Date Name
1569 1 year ago Sue Drais
1568 1 year ago Andrew Benvenuti
1567 1 year ago Joseph Brown
1566 1 year ago ellene shapiro
1565 1 year ago Karen Schreiber
1564 1 year ago William Tiwald
1563 1 year ago Anthony Roman
1562 1 year ago Deena Brazy
1561 1 year ago Kelly Arellanes
1560 1 year ago Patty Daugharty
1559 1 year ago Terrill Barrows
1558 1 year ago Rev. William R. Hoyt Ph.D
1557 1 year ago Toni Leslie
1556 1 year ago Mr and Mrs Richard N. Huff
1555 1 year ago John Barger
1554 1 year ago John Barger
1553 1 year ago diane vandervoort
1552 1 year ago Ruthann McDermott
1551 1 year ago Craig Menefee
1550 1 year ago Dolores Weiss
1549 1 year ago lionel james h
1548 1 year ago patricia peterson
1547 1 year ago Ruth Thieme
1546 1 year ago Jeff Brotherston
1545 1 year ago Marjorie Roti
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