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Sign Up to Gather Petition Signatures on Election Day to Overturn Citizens United and Stop the Corporate Takeover

Election day is the best possible day to meet politically engaged people who need be part of this movement we are building together.

By signing up to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United at your polling place, YOU will help bring more people into our movement who can stand up and join our fight to fix a democracy that no longer functions as such.

Resources to support your petitioning are available here.

Add Your Name to Gather Petition Signatures for a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United on Election Day

126-150 of 1669 signatures
Number Date Name
1544 1 year ago Elodie Huttner
1543 1 year ago Robin Renor
1542 1 year ago Vivian Kearney
1541 1 year ago Ann Brochhagen
1540 1 year ago Sotiros Pisanis
1539 1 year ago Timothy Coslar
1538 1 year ago Rita Cappello
1537 1 year ago ULLA PADE
1536 1 year ago RuthClaire Weintraub
1535 1 year ago Lisa Pereira
1534 1 year ago barbara blue
1533 1 year ago Edmund Skowronski
1532 1 year ago John zachmann
1531 1 year ago Roxann Carmean Floyd
1530 1 year ago John Brown
1529 1 year ago William Swegle
1528 1 year ago Melvin A. Cosby
1527 1 year ago Richard Robinson
1526 1 year ago Tanya Dunn
1525 1 year ago Silvia Llosa
1524 1 year ago Roxie Powell
1523 1 year ago Patricia Johnson
1522 1 year ago Dale Shillito
1521 1 year ago Clare
1520 1 year ago Anthony Gabrysiak
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