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Sign Up to Gather Petition Signatures on Election Day to Overturn Citizens United and Stop the Corporate Takeover

Election day is the best possible day to meet politically engaged people who need be part of this movement we are building together.

By signing up to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United at your polling place, YOU will help bring more people into our movement who can stand up and join our fight to fix a democracy that no longer functions as such.

Resources to support your petitioning are available here.

Add Your Name to Gather Petition Signatures for a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United on Election Day

151-175 of 1669 signatures
Number Date Name
1519 1 year ago gilles poliseno
1518 1 year ago G. Bommelaere
1517 1 year ago Nancy Koenigsberg
1516 1 year ago Joanne Kondratieff
1515 1 year ago Erin Enger
1514 1 year ago Sharon Miller
1513 1 year ago Emma Daughtry
1512 1 year ago Curt Baker
1511 1 year ago Joseph Schuchert
1510 1 year ago Charles Marshall
1509 1 year ago Wendell Covalt
1508 1 year ago Colleen Fitzpatrick
1507 1 year ago Paul Posada
1506 1 year ago Michael Garitty
1505 1 year ago Victoria Dreifuss
1504 1 year ago David Alexander
1503 1 year ago Steven Kostis
1502 1 year ago Devera Wenger
1501 1 year ago Karen Shovein
1500 1 year ago Enrique Sanchez
1499 1 year ago Judy Michaels
1498 1 year ago Veronica DeLuze
1497 1 year ago Ruth Porisch
1496 1 year ago Jeff Smith
1495 1 year ago Douglas Williams
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