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Sign Up to Gather Petition Signatures on Election Day to Overturn Citizens United and Stop the Corporate Takeover

Election day is the best possible day to meet politically engaged people who need be part of this movement we are building together.

By signing up to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United at your polling place, YOU will help bring more people into our movement who can stand up and join our fight to fix a democracy that no longer functions as such.

Resources to support your petitioning are available here.

Add Your Name to Gather Petition Signatures for a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United on Election Day

26-50 of 1669 signatures
Number Date Name
1644 1 year ago O. Ruiz
1643 1 year ago Suzanne M.
1642 1 year ago jill lewis
1641 1 year ago Mary Theresa Garrone
1640 1 year ago Lisa Onderdonk
1639 1 year ago Jim Procyk
1638 1 year ago Patricia Tehan
1637 1 year ago Leala Childs
1636 1 year ago Sara Brigham
1635 1 year ago Shelly Chermack
1634 1 year ago Keith Ortman
1633 1 year ago Patricia McDonald
1632 1 year ago Kathleen Gates
1631 1 year ago Shay Shay
1630 1 year ago kay brown
1629 1 year ago Bill Nierstedt
1628 1 year ago Andrew Benvenuti
1627 1 year ago Elizabeth Patterson
1626 1 year ago Antonio Feniello
1625 1 year ago Emma Daughtry
1624 1 year ago Matthew Knell
1623 1 year ago Thomas Kruggel
1622 1 year ago B L
1621 1 year ago Deborah Costas
1620 1 year ago Jan Stautz-Hamlin
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