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Sign Up to Gather Petition Signatures on Election Day to Overturn Citizens United and Stop the Corporate Takeover

Election day is the best possible day to meet politically engaged people who need be part of this movement we are building together.

By signing up to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United at your polling place, YOU will help bring more people into our movement who can stand up and join our fight to fix a democracy that no longer functions as such.

Resources to support your petitioning are available here.

Add Your Name to Gather Petition Signatures for a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United on Election Day

76-100 of 1669 signatures
Number Date Name
1594 1 year ago Katherine Gerant
1593 1 year ago Hillery Burman
1592 1 year ago Ermena Vinluan
1591 1 year ago michelle trosper
1590 1 year ago Keth Luke
1589 1 year ago Helen Anderson
1588 1 year ago Ann Worden
1587 1 year ago John Stoy
1586 1 year ago Yvonne Hardgrave
1585 1 year ago Kathy Shaffer
1584 1 year ago Dora Snider
1583 1 year ago Miriam Keller
1582 1 year ago Philip Troxler
1581 1 year ago Ivanna Gomez
1580 1 year ago Thomas Addison
1579 1 year ago Jerome Wall
1578 1 year ago Loren Stoner
1577 1 year ago Patrick Donaldson
1576 1 year ago Dana Vossler
1575 1 year ago Andrew Witthaus
1574 1 year ago PAULINE KUYLER
1573 1 year ago Gary Tomlin
1572 1 year ago Kay Drache
1571 1 year ago susan mcrae
1570 1 year ago Lorraine S
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