Sign the Petition to Stop the Koch Empire From Distorting Our Elections

The Koch Brothers have a devious, multipronged scheme to turn the country into a safe haven for their corporate interests.

City by city, state by state and nationally, the would-be plutocrats are using their corporate money war chest to buy elections and capture control of our government at every level.

Until Citizens United is reversed, the Kochs will be able to continue their efforts — halting progress on the most crucial issues of our time.

Add Your Name to Call Foul on Citizens United and Stop the Koch Empire

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11998 1 year ago Catherine Starkweather
11997 1 year ago Geneva Galyen
11996 1 year ago Lois Ann Griffiths
11995 1 year ago William Herrod
11994 1 year ago Jeanne Klein
11993 1 year ago Mary Theresa Garrone
11992 1 year ago David Sherman
11991 1 year ago David Sherman
11990 1 year ago Kathryn Fromelt
11989 1 year ago Lisa Onderdonk
11988 1 year ago M Adler
11987 1 year ago Janice LeBlanc
11986 1 year ago Michael C. Ford and Richard B. Marks
11985 1 year ago Matthew A. Weaver
11984 1 year ago Eddie Buschman Buschman
11983 1 year ago Eddie Buschman Buschman
11982 1 year ago Bettina Bradley
11981 1 year ago Susan Harley
11980 1 year ago Corinna Lewis
11979 1 year ago Kevin Provost
11978 1 year ago Jim Procyk
11977 1 year ago Stephanie Bershad
11976 1 year ago Kerry Lomonaco
11975 1 year ago Rebecca Gilbert
11974 1 year ago Mark Bolam
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