Add Your Name If You Want Washington to Become the 18th State to Call to Overturn Citizens United

The U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates for big money to pour into our politics like never before.

This November, Washingtonians can help save democracy from billionaire and Big Business takeover by voting “Yes” on WAmend I-735 — an initiative on the ballot that would make Washington the 18th state to call for a constitutional amendment overturning that decision.

A victory on I-735 will send a resounding message that the people of Washington have had it with Citizens United. And it will raise the national profile of our ever-growing movement to take back our democracy.

Sign Our Petition in Support of WAmend I-735 — A Crucial Measure to Make Washington the Next State to Call to Overturn Citizens United

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Number Date Name
426 1 year ago Colleen Roman
425 1 year ago Donna Rowland
424 1 year ago Marcy Maez
423 1 year ago philip Chanen
422 1 year ago Catherine Wright
421 1 year ago Janet Wynne
420 1 year ago Richard Grassl
419 1 year ago Alice Tobias
418 1 year ago michael shea
417 1 year ago Marie Weis
416 1 year ago R. Cherney
415 1 year ago Nancy Easterberg
414 1 year ago marilyn wandrey
413 1 year ago Randy Guthrie
412 1 year ago Janet Riordan
411 1 year ago William Haywood
410 1 year ago Linda Trauth
409 1 year ago Michelle Pavcovich
408 1 year ago Sari Rose Schneider
407 1 year ago Mary Masters
406 1 year ago Pat Lynk
405 1 year ago Kerry Weaver
404 1 year ago L.R. Deney
403 1 year ago Nancy Goodno
402 1 year ago Kyle Waller
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