Add Your Name If You Want Washington to Become the 18th State to Call to Overturn Citizens United

The U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates for big money to pour into our politics like never before.

This November, Washingtonians can help save democracy from billionaire and Big Business takeover by voting “Yes” on WAmend I-735 — an initiative on the ballot that would make Washington the 18th state to call for a constitutional amendment overturning that decision.

A victory on I-735 will send a resounding message that the people of Washington have had it with Citizens United. And it will raise the national profile of our ever-growing movement to take back our democracy.

Sign Our Petition in Support of WAmend I-735 — A Crucial Measure to Make Washington the Next State to Call to Overturn Citizens United

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526 2 years ago Marissa Kapfhammer
525 2 years ago Jean Vavrek
524 2 years ago Lawrence Magliola
523 2 years ago Eric Prindle
522 2 years ago Frederick Ma
521 2 years ago CHERYL MCATEE
520 2 years ago CHERYL MCATEE
519 2 years ago Carolyn Clark
518 2 years ago David Yates
517 2 years ago Crystal Mutter
516 2 years ago Andrea Higgins
515 2 years ago Phillip Leija
514 2 years ago Charlene Lauzon
513 2 years ago Frank Anderson
512 2 years ago Barbara Rosenkotter
511 2 years ago Cullen Philippson
510 2 years ago anne karppinen
509 2 years ago Holly Lin
508 2 years ago Ken Little
507 2 years ago James Hays
506 2 years ago Jeffery Vogel
505 2 years ago Janice Mindell
504 2 years ago Daniel Theriault
503 2 years ago Charlene Davies
502 2 years ago Barbara tenWolde
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