Say You’re In for the Open and Accountable Elections Act in Portland

Across Oregon, corporate and megadonor money has way too much influence in our elections — affecting who can run for office, the issues that are debated, who wins, and ultimately, the public policy made.

But Portland’s Open and Accountable Elections Act — an innovative resolution that would make matching funds available to candidates who seek small donations and reject campaign contributions from Big Business and the rich — would put We the People back in charge.

New York City has already created a similar program — and it represents a real commitment to amplifying the voices of small donors in city politics and diluting the influence of wealthy special interests.

Portland could be the next to lead the way!

Add Your Name to the Petition In Support of the Open and Accountable Elections Act

I’m in for Portland Fair Elections! I support empowering We The People in Portland elections, and having Oregon serve as a model for the rest of the country in reclaiming a government truly of, by and for the people.

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Number Date Name
80 1 year ago Linda Knudson
79 1 year ago Larry Bulling
78 1 year ago Connie Peterson
77 1 year ago Dan Mckenzie
76 1 year ago William DeShawn
75 1 year ago Sylvia Black
74 1 year ago Lee Davis
73 1 year ago Janice Rogers-Levy
72 1 year ago Thomas Stibolt
71 1 year ago brad kalita
70 1 year ago Michael Henry
69 1 year ago Adrienne Eisenberg
68 1 year ago Harry Kershner
67 1 year ago Marjorie Reed
66 1 year ago Trisha tenBroeke
65 1 year ago Randy Davis
64 1 year ago Jeriene Walberg
63 1 year ago Katie Shultz Walker
62 1 year ago Angela
61 1 year ago Ric Bernat
60 1 year ago Daniel McCollum
59 1 year ago Jane Kenworthy
58 1 year ago J Bvd
57 1 year ago Kris Alman
56 1 year ago Steve Miller
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