Sign a Petition Supporting the SCRAP Act

“[It] makes it easy for big corporations to rig the rules in their favor – and that’s exactly why we need to get rid of it.”

- Amit Narang, Public Citizen

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) lets Congress and the White House strike down regulatory protections issued in the final months of the last administration using expedited procedures. President Donald Trump used the CRA to repeal 14 health, safety, pocketbook and environmental protections as payback to corporate donors.

A new bill is being introduced that would repeal stop the CRA and reinstate these protections.

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I support the SCRAP Act.

This important bill would reinstate 14 recently repealed protections that Congress rapidly struck down with limited debate.

As a result of the Congressional Review Act, corporate predators, polluters and profiteers that would have been reined in by these rules and are now free to abuse, exploit and discriminate against regular Americans, knowing they won’t be held accountable.

Most importantly, it would insure that Congress no longer has the ability to interfere with rulemaking in this way again.