Tell FERC to Reject Trump’s Coal and Nuclear Bailout

We write to urge you to reject Trump’s radical scheme to bail out coal and nuclear plants.

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) proposal would saddle consumers with billions in bailout costs by guaranteeing profit for uneconomical coal and nuclear plants.

This directive by the DOE is shameless in picking losing industries and forcing households to pay for expensive coal and nuclear at the expense of efficient and affordable wind and solar.

And it does so with no justification.

The DOE’s half-hearted rationale for the proposal — to shore up the reliability of our nation’s electrical grid — has been dismissed by a number of market experts and by the DOE itself. An August report released by the agency found that "reliability is adequate today despite the retirement of 11 percent of the generating capacity available in 2002, as significant additions from natural gas, wind, and solar have come online since then."

This is a proposal based on political alliances, not market imperatives.

The Trump administration’s agenda to bring back coal and make nuclear “cool again” has no place before this agency. As an independent regulator of electricity markets, your mandate is to ensure just and reasonable rates for consumers, not to feed the political whims of this administration.

This proposal is costly and without merit, and any further consideration is a reprehensible waste of taxpayer dollars.

As a taxpayer and electricity consumer, I call on you to reject this proposal.

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