Tell Ford: Go Forward, Not Backward

Clean car standards issued by the Obama administration and formally supported by Ford will slice carbon emissions and save consumers billions in fuel bills.

But Ford and the rest of the auto industry are now working with the Trump administration to undo the biggest federal climate policy on the books — at your expense.

Sign Our Petition Urging Ford to Support Clean Car Standards

Dear Ford:

Thanks to the clean car standards, Americans like me are saving money at the pump, breathing cleaner air and starting to ratchet down emissions from the single largest source of carbon pollution in this country.

In 2012, you committed to meet and uphold these standards. And your chairman Bill Ford has championed the company’s commitment to tackle climate change for future generations.

That’s why I am disturbed to see you and other automakers working with the Trump administration to undo these critical safeguards.

Ford can’t claim to be a responsible company while it lobbies to drive us backward.

Please drop any efforts to delay, weaken or block the clean car standards. Seize the opportunity. Go forward, not backward!