Urge the Nevada Assembly to Vote to Make the Silver State the 19th to Call to Overturn Citizens United

Call the Assembly Chief Clerk at (775) 684-8555, provide your address and ask to be connected to your Assembly member’s office. Once connected, you can use the script below, but feel free to put the message in your own words!

  • I am calling to urge my Assembly member to vote to make Nevada the 19th state to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
  • Campaign finance laws are supposed to protect our democracy from corruption while preserving the integrity of our elections. Citizens United has done the opposite.
  • I want my Assembly member to vote in favor of overturning Citizens United — which would make the Silver State the 19th to do so and would bring us halfway to the number of states needed to win a constitutional amendment.

Let Us Know How Your Call Went