Renewed Attack on Texas Trees

Texas Senate Swings Its Ax Again,

The Texas Senate is relentless in its attack on trees.

The House didn’t go for the last anti-tree bill the Senate passed (SB 14), so the Senate added a dose of crazy to House Bill 7.

This bill started as a compromise, but it’s been transformed into a clear-cutter’s dream. Cities trying to protect their urban forests would be left with no tools to do so. Developers would be allowed to cut down almost any tree and replace it with a little sapling.

They make a profit and move on. We’re left to live with the consequences for decades.

More than 100 Texas cities have rules to protect mature trees from destruction. These laws make our communities more attractive and livable.

The Texas Senate doesn’t seem to understand that, so the House is our last line of defense. Encourage your state representative to stand strong against the anti-tree bullies in the Senate.

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