Call Governor Bruce Rauner

Urge Him to Bring Automatic Voter Registration to Illinois

Automatic voter registration would make it easier for up to 1 million Illinois voters to participate in our democracy, reducing one barrier to participation by providing more efficient ways for eligible voters to become registered.

The bill to implement this crucial program passed unanimously in the state House and Senate, and it’s been in Governor Bruce Rauner’s hands for months now. He needs to hear from constituents like you about the need to sign this bill into law without any further delay.

Here’s how easy it is to call Governor Rauner:

1. Dial 855-980-1989. You will then be redirected to Governor Rauner’s office.

2. Then say this to the staffer who picks up the phone: “My name is _______. I’m calling because I believe that the right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy and that every Illinoisan has the fundamental right to have their voice heard. I was excited to hear that our Automatic Voter Registration bill (SB1933) passed unanimously out of both Houses of the General Assembly and I strongly urge the Governor to sign this crucial bill into law without any further delay.”

3. Fill out the form below to let us know you called and tell us how your call went.

That’s it. Call now!