Call Governor Dannel Malloy

Urge Him to Save Connecticut’s Citizens' Election Program

Politicians in Hartford are trying to hand our democracy back over to big money interests.

The legislature just passed a budget that seeks to eliminate Connecticut’s landmark Citizens’ Election Program (CEP), which limits special interest influence in our elections.

We need your help to stop them by ensuring Governor Dannel Malloy vetoes this disastrous budget.

Here’s how easy it is to call Governor Malloy:

1. Dial 800-406-1527. You will then be redirected to Governor Malloy’s office.

2. Then say this to the staffer who picks up the phone: “My name is _______. I’m calling to ensure that the Citizens' Election Program is preserved and fully funded in any budget the governor signs. As a Connecticut voter, I'm concerned that the budget sent to your desk would eliminate our state's landmark public financing system that lets candidates fund their campaigns without selling out to wealthy special interests. The CEP sets an example for the rest of the nation to follow — and rolling it back now would take our state in the wrong direction.”

3. Fill out the form below to let us know you called and tell us how your call went.

That’s it. Call now!