Demand a Clean Budget With No Riders

President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are laying the groundwork to cut Medicare, Medicaid and public education to pay for tax cuts for Big Business and ultra-rich donors.

On top of that, poison pill riders attacking essential public protections are threatening the budget process.

This is backward: Our nation’s budget should be focused on protecting and investing in our families and communities, not giving corporate handouts to campaign donors.

Call your senator at the number below. When the staff answers the phone, say this:

“Please vote NO on the Senate budget resolution. Don’t cut Medicare, Medicaid, or education to pay for tax breaks for the rich and corporations. Keep the budget process clean from corporate giveaways and poison pill policy riders.”

Alaska Sen. Murkowski (907) 271-3735
Arizona    Sen. McCain (602) 952-2410
Maine        Sen. Collins (207) 945-0417
Mississippi Sen. Cochran (601) 965-4459
Montana Sen. Tester (406) 252-0550
New Hampshire Sen. Shaheen (603) 750-3004
Nevada Sen. Heller (702) 388-6605
Ohio Sen. Portman (513) 684-3265
Pennsylvania Sen. Toomey (570) 941-3540
South Carolina Sen. Graham (864) 646-4090
Tennessee Sen. Corker (615) 279-8125
West Virginia Sen. Capito (304) 347-5372
West Virginia Sen. Manchin (304) 342-5855
All Other States (202) 224-3121