Demand a Clean Budget

Poison pill riders attacking essential public protections are threatening the budget process.

This is backward: Our nation’s budget should be focused on protecting and investing in our families and communities, not giving corporate handouts to campaign donors.

Tell Congress: No Poison Pill Riders in the Must-Pass Budget Bill

Dial 888 291-9824 and follow the prompts.

Say this to the staffer who picks up the phone:

Hi, my name is ____ and I’m calling from _______(City).

I’m concerned about the hundreds of poison pill policy riders attached to appropriations legislation. They are just special favors for extremists and big corporations.

They have literally nothing to do with funding the government, and they have no business being part of the appropriations process.

Please keep all poison pill riders out of the appropriations bills — and pass a budget that protects our families and communities, not one that puts them in danger. Thanks!

Use the comment box below to let us know you called and how your calls went. If you have time, please call back and speak with your two other members of Congress.