Tell Your Members of Congress: Don’t Gut Critical Programs to Pay for Tax Cuts for Corporations and the Rich

The Republican tax proposals in both the House and the Senate are incredibly troubling.

They constitute one of the greatest upward transfers of wealth in American history and are a prelude to a cruel campaign to cut Social Security, Medicare and other vital public programs.

In the coming days, both chambers of Congress will cobble together a single version, which then must be passed separately by each house if it is to become law.

We need to raise our voices to stop that from happening.

Call Your Members of Congress Now

1. Dial 888-291-9824 to be connected with your representative.

2. Say this to the staffer who answers the phone: “I am calling to urge REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR NAME to vote NO on the final tax bill. Not only will it cut taxes for big corporations and the wealthy while raising them for millions of middle-class families, it will also leave millions more Americans uninsured and will cause steep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education and other vital public programs.”

3. Repeat the steps above to be connected with your senators. Lawmakers from both chambers of Congress need to hear from you.

4. Use the comment box below to let us know how your calls went.