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Fri, Jan 20, 2012
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Occupy the Courts/Get Money Out of Politics

occupytacoma, Move to Amend/Olympia, Public Citizen, MoveOn/Tacoma, MoveOn/Kitsap and a host of like-minded groups are organizing a parade on Pacific Ave. in Tacoma from 9th St. to the federal district courthouse at 20th/Pacific. Beginning at 2:30, the five US justices who voted in favor of Citizens United will drag Ladies Liberty (Statue of Liberty) and Justice down the street, taunted by "corporate robots". The four dissenters will carry a banner stating "We dissent!" At the courthouse, the Ladies will be "buried" in coffins and covered w/ "money". Bob Wickline will sing about what's to become of liberty & justice, after which activists w/ OT will push back the justices and resurrect the Ladies. This street theater will be followed by speakers, more songs and political skits. Around 4 pm, the paricipants will form a human chain from the courthouse to the OT occupation site at 21st. and Pacific, with light-enhanced signs proclaiming "get money out of politics".

Event Location

Pacific Avenue, Tacoma between 9th St and the federal district courthouse at 1717 Pacific
TACOMA, WA 98402