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Sat, Jan 21, 2012
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Citizens United v. FEC Two Year Anniversary Demonstration

Join us as as we rally at the Bank of America mortgage lending branch at 17th & Penn NW to assert our collective voice as a counter-weight to the disproportionate government influence which has allowed Bank of America to bring our economy to the edge of collapse while paying no taxes and still use taxpayer money to give their CEO's golden parachutes. We will talk about the mortgage crisis, illegal foreclosures, and the crisis in our democracy which makes these continued abuses possible. We will then march to another Bank of America location for a big corporate person-hood rally where we will collect signatures, inform citizens, and articulate clearly just what needs to happen for we, the people, to save our democracy from corporate control. This rally marks the two-year anniversary of the Citizens United v FEC ruling which gave corporate entities unprecedented influence in the financing of our elections, and we encourage you to bring creative signs, drums, musical instruments, and anything else that will empower us to deliver our message with gusto: The people, united, are going to re-establish control of our democracy no matter how many millions BOA spends trying to subvert democracy!

Event Location

1717 Pensylvania ave NW
Washington DC, DC 20005