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Sat, Jan 21, 2012
11:55 AM - 6:05 PM

Parliamentary Caucus

The Parliamentary Caucus is open to anyone who believes that the USA deserves a properly functioning Democracy. Parliamentary Caucus advocates for the principles of Free and Open Democracy in the USA, meaning that all political viewpoints, governing philosophies, and opinions get fair representation, a fair hearing in the public arena, and fair access to the ballot. We endorse a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United. “We believe that America works best when our government is of, by and for the people. Although we have differences in scope and tactics, all of us are united in the understanding that the Court's decision in Citizens United must be remedied by amending the Constitution in order to restore the democratic promise of America.”

Event Location

85 Reiner St
Colma Ridge Community Room
Colma, California 94014
Colma, CA 94014