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Mon, Jan 23, 2012
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Are Corporations People?

It’s been two years since the controversial Supreme Court “Citizens United” ruling that gave Corporations “personhood.” Are CORPORATIONS now PEOPLE? · Learn the details of what this ruling legally allows corporations to do. · Does it affect you? Has it already affected our electoral process? · Please join us in a civil, respectful and honest dialogue. · A transpartisan event open to the public. · Let your voice be heard! - JOIN THE DISCUSSION MONDAY JANUARY 23RD @ 5:30PM - KITSAP REGIONAL LIBRARY - 1301 SYLVAN WAY-BREMERTON GUEST SPEAKERS INCLUDE; CHRIS HENRY; Kitsap Council of “The History of Corporate Personhood” BRIAN GUNN; Involved “The Citizens United Ruling, What it Means” ERIC BYLER; Award winning film maker & President of the Coffee Party USA “The Mission of the CPUSA; Fighting the Cycle of Corruption” This event is being presented by the West Sound Coffee Party which is an official chapter of Coffee Party USA. Coffee Party USA is a true grassroots non-profit transpartisan movement. Coffee Party USA is not a political party, officially endorses NO candidates, and accepts NO corporate funding. For more information visit: For more information on this event & the West Sound Coffee Party, find us on Facebook or call Don Manning @ 360.710.2893.a

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Bremerton, WA 98310