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Sat, Jan 21, 2012
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Citizens' Arrest of Cargill, Inc.

WANTED by the 99% for profiteering off people and planet: Cargill, Inc. Help stage a citizens’ arrest in front of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange to apprehend Cargill Inc. as a corporate impostor posing as a person with constitutional rights, and hold Cargill accountable for its crime of prioritizing profits over people and planet. Join the many citizens and activists who are fed up with Cargill Inc.'s greedy manipulation of our food supply. It's up to us, the 99%, to bring Cargill, Inc. to justice. Last year Cargill spent $1.3 million lobbying in the U.S. alone to promote policies favorable to their interests. Cargill lobbies governments around the world for free trade and open market access to boost its profits. Is Cargill in it to “Nourish the World” or to “Nourish their Profits?” If our government can grant Cargill, Inc. the unchecked privileges of corporate personhood, we the 99% can grant ourselves our own authority to bring corporate criminals to justice. RSVP on Facebook where you can see our schedule and download our awesome "WANTED: Cargill, Inc." flyer.

Event Location

S. 4th Ave & S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN
We will march from People's Plaza to rally outside the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1413