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Fri, Jan 20, 2012
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Occupy the Courts - Lansing Michigan (Rally to End Corporate Personhood.)

On January 21st, 2010, the US Supreme court made a decision on a case (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.) that declared, corporations are people, and have the right to contribute unlimited funds to politicians. This bribery of our government by the largest corporations and the elite 1%, has shut out the voice of the 99% and resulted in an unfair and anti-democratic process, in which the people can no longer participate effectively in their government. The decision making is now left to the corporations who would treat the people and the earth as a commodity, and the politicians who are forced to beg for their campaign support, otherwise they would be shut out too. We the people, must confront this corruption as an attack on our democracy, we must now rally at our state capital and demand that our state calls for a constitutional convention on the 20th. We must amend our constitution, to say that corporations are not people. Corporations are subject to regulation by OUR government and not their government. Corporations may not make campaign contributions, and that congress and the states have the right and the power to regulate campaign finance. So call to your friends, family, and fellow patriots, because we the people and not the corporations have the right to democratic representation. We must call to an end to the corrupting control of corporations over our government on January 20th. For more information visit the facebook event page:

Event Location

Lansing Capitol building,,-84.555341&spn=0.006486,0.00604
Lansing, MI 48922